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Grascomp Doctoral Day (GDD’19), November 22nd, 2019, UNamur


09:00 - 17:00


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University of Namur
rue Grandgagnage 21, Namur, 5000

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GDD’19 Program_with_abstracts


Grascomp Doctoral Day November 22nd, 2019
Faculté d’Informatique, UNamur, rue Grandgagnage 21, 5000 Namur

Parking rue Henri Lemaître (places Grascomp réservées)

Information and Registration:
08h45 – 09h00 3rd floor Welcome and Registration
09h00 – 09h10 I30 Introduction by Pierre Manneback, Grascomp Chair
09h10 – 10h10 I30 Session 1 – Open Source and Open Data
Damien Legay, Alexandre Decan and Tom Mens
Towards understanding the relation between badges and contributions in GitHub repositories
Mehdi Golzadeh, Alexandre Decan and Tom Mens
On the effect of discussions on pull request decisions
Rabeb Abida, Emna Hachicha Belghith and Anthony Cleve
Supporting Semantics-aware Analysis in Linked Open Data-enabled Information Systems
10h10 – 10h40 3rd floor Coffee
10h40 – 11h40 I30 Session 2 – Applications of Machine Learning
Paul Vanabelle, Pierre De Handschutter, Riëm El Tahry, Mohammed Benjelloun and Mohamed Boukhebouze
Towards interpretable automated seizure detection through Fast Gradient Boosting applied on EEG signals
Yassine Amkrane, Mohammed El Adoui and Mohammed Benjelloun
Analysing Breast cancer reaction to chemotherapy using Radiomics
Gaulthier Gain, Cyril Soldani and Laurent Mathy
UNICORE: A toolkit to automatically build unikernels
11h40 – 12h00 I30 Posters Presentation
Boris Ndjia Njike and Xavier Siebert
Nonparametric adaptive active learning under local smoothness condition
James Ortiz and Pierre-Yves Schobbens
Specification and Modeling of Distributed Real-Time Systems
Gaël Aglin, Siegfried Nijssen and Pierre Schaus
Learning Optimal Decision Trees using Caching Branch-and-Bound Search
Oussama Bouldjedri, Siegfried Nijssen and Pierre Schaus
Interpretable Soft Decision Trees
12h00 – 13h30 3rd floor Lunch and Poster Session
13h30 – 14h00 I30 Anthony Simonofski
Guide to a successful international research stay
14h00 – 15h20 I30 Session 3 – Foundations :  Logic Programming and Game Theory
Quentin Meurisse
Local search and game theory applied to an urban planning problem
Aline Goeminne
Multiplayer reachability games played on graphs
Pierre De Handschutter, Nicolas Gillis, Arnaud Vandaele and Xavier Siebert
Near Convex Archetypal Analysis
Gonzague Yernaux
Generalizing Generalization: towards a framework for anti-unification problems in Logic Programming
15h20 – 15h50 3rd floor Coffee
15h50 – 16h50 I30 Session 4 – Computing Education and HMI
Simon Liénardy, Lev Malcev, Laurent Leduc and Benoit Donnet
Graphical Loop Invariant programming in CS1
Adrien Coppens
Graph-Based Architectural Modelling in Virtual Reality
Cédric Libert and Wim Vanhoof
Analysis of Students’ Preconceptions of Concurrent Programming
16h50 – 17h00 3rd floor Closing words by Tony and Antoine
17h00 – 18h00 3rd floor Drink



Bookings are closed for this event.

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