How to propose an activity?

Fill a form with following items and mail it to Grascomp Board

  • Activity Title and web site
  • Activity Type (Course, Seminar, Doctoral Day, Workshop, Conference, Summer School, Other)
  • Date, periodicity, total volume in hours or days per civil year
  • Location
  • List of  Speakers  (Name, Tenure, Institution)
  • Expected Number of Participants
  • Expected Number of PhD Students
  • Global Budget
  • Required Funding from Grascomp

The Board will then examine the request and, if positive, allocate a budget of no more than 600€/day, 1200€ globally. You have to know that our total funding is currently about 3000€/year, so we are limited in our support facilities ;-).

Notice that all fundings have to be justified (receipts, invoices, etc). A small report has to be sent after the activity to Grascomp Board